Solution for the fault: "System.Diagnostics.Process.Start is not working on IIS, but working on ASP.NET Development Server"

If there isn't any problem on the code side, then the reason can be about authentication and privileges settings. You need to adjust them as well.

Here is the solution:

You can reach my sample program from this link:

  • Run the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager service
  • Go to Application Pools
  • Select the user DefaultAppPool and from Advanced Settings on the right side of the menu, change the Identity column as LocalSystem. This default user can be different in your working environment but for most of the developers this is going to be the user.

  • Right click on DefaultWebSite (or here can be different according to your project name), choose Add Application and after setting the allias and path, click on Connect As button. Choose Specific user option and then Set the credentials for your application. This user must have rights to run this service on IIS. For your local machine, these can be: YourDomainName\yourUserName and YourDomainPassword. Click the OK button on this screen.

  • On Add Application screen, click on Test Settings button and see the test result is OK.

  • If everything went well so far, then you can run your application on ISS without any problem.
  • Happy coding.


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